About Sigma

Over 20 years of experience in design, installation, manufacturing and trading activities in the elevator industry

About Founder

Farid Kouros

Date and place of birth: 04/02/1959

Academic degree: Graduated of  Electronics from University of  Elm o Sanaat

Executive management of Industrial Management Institute of Iran

MBA from  Bahar professional

Experiences and Activities:


Head of electronics department in Diba Elevator Co.
-Production Control panel roles of Schindler
-Reverse engineering of electronic boards Schindler elevators (For service and maintenance old elevators during the war )
Dynatron I & II
Miconic E

Supervisor and Project Manager Ghasre Firoozeh

-Reconstruction and modernization of 140 elevators model Portomatic and Dynatron II Schindler

Supervisor installation in Diba Company

-Managing installation of 250 elevators in two years

Founder and CEO Arian elevator in the first ten years of activity

-Design and mass production of Microprocessor elevator control panels (Using microcontroller 8751)
-Received ISO9001 certificate from RW TUV
-Establishing Vardavard factory in order to manufacture elevator control panels
Producing more than 15,000 units of control panels in new lift and modernization of old elevators like Schindler, Otis, etc.


Established Sigma Elevator Co.

– Import and distribution of lift components and Receiving representation from authoritative companies including:
• Start Elevator Italy (hydraulic components)
• Marazzi Italy (Guide Rails)
• Prisma Italy (Automatic doors)
• Ziehl-Abegg Germany (Gearless Motors)
• Runfa China (Guide Rails)
• Gustav Wolf Germany (Wire Ropes)
• Nuova MGT Italy (Gear Motors )

Established Caspian Co.

Production Accessories and mechanical parts supplement hydraulic and traction Elevators.
• Car Sling Types
• Platform Types
• Bracket types
• Telescopic Piston Guides
• Park Plates

Established Prisma lift Components

-Manufacture of automatic doors for elevators and a variety of luxury cabins in Iran
-Partnership with Prisma Italy (Joint Venture).
– Foreign investment in Iran in order to produce elevator components.

Opening factory of automatic doors and Prisma elevator cabins in Parand industrial park

Established sales representative parts elevator in below cities:
• Tehran
• Rasht
• Gazvin
• Isfahan
• Zanjan
• Baneh

-Establish Technical-engineering Company called CPA(Car Park Ara) to design, produce and setting up the special industrial lift types.
-Cooperate with “Leitner” company to import and installation of Rope Ways.
-Cooperation with “Vault” company to import and installation of Automated car parking systems

Other activities:
-Membership in the first session board of directors of ISEEI. (Iranian syndicate elevator and escalator industry)
-Cooperation in technical committee of the syndicate and codification of second edition of the national standard traction elevators according to the European standard EN81 .
-Membership in international association of elevator engineers
-Participation in the establishment of “Donyaye Danesh va Toseeh” institute and establishment of the first professional lift publications in Iran (Donyaye Asansor)
-Membership in the board of directors of ISEEI, Sixth period, in the position of chairman of the Board
-Membership in the board of directors of ISEEI, Seventh period, in the position of chairman of the board.

About Sigma Group

Sigma business engineering company has started its activities in 2003 and now with dealerships and their offer services across the country becomes one of the successful companies in the elevator industry in sales and service.

Over 20 years’ experience in the design, installation, manufacturing and trading activities in the elevator‘s industry, leading to the formation a group of companies that can provide the ability to run heavy projects.

Each of these companies is active in a specific field, So that the organization and staffing are appropriate to the type of activities.
As a result, each company is doing his activity centralized and professional which strengthens the group.
All that group activities increased power of engineering, executive, production, commercial, financial and managerial. Therefore, the commercial-industrial complex ready for mass housing projects, industry-specific projects for dams, Cement plants, Petrochemical and etc. with the lowest cost and in the shortest time is capable.

Members of the Sigma Group

Sigma Asanbar Co : Trading company that is active in importing elevator components and distributing to many elevator components in Iranian market . Our Branding Policy is Faithful, Responds to different needs, Problem solver, High class World brand, High performance ,Innovative, Socially responsible.

Arian Asansor Co : was established in 1992 as the first manufacturer of lift microprocessor control system in Iran. Having enjoyed the cooperation of experienced engineers and experts in electronic, the company owns a considerable portion of the market through production diversity and applying modern sales and marketing techniques and strategies. To gain satisfaction of the customer, the company has not only improved the quantity and quality of after sale services, but in addition to training the customers, it has also initiated to provide 24 hour services.

Caspian Asanbar co : A small company activated in Manufacturing mechanical accessories of hydraulic and traction elevators like :

    • All types of hydraulic and traction elevator car slings
    • Plat forms
    • Load lift cabins
    • Park plates
    • brackets

PrismaLC : is a joint venture with Prisma S.P.A in Italy that producing Automatic elevator doors and cabins. The Quality System of the company confirms that PRISMALC Intend to be “customer oriented”, and to complete customer requirements with their service.

Car Park Ara (CPA): Our activities comprise designing, supplying, installation and maintenance, in the field of transportation machine, including all kinds of goods and passenger elevators, escalator, auto walks, automated car parking systems, goods and passenger ropeway systems.
Our international partners are : VAULT from Germany, SIMMATEC and DAESUNG form South Korea , LEITNER from Austria.

Sigma Product

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