Sigma group


Sigma is a group of companies that works in the elevator industry that is active in numerous production, trade, engineering, and services. Sigma Group Companies were established in 1993 (1372) primarily to serve the design and producing elevator microprocessor control panels. Three decades of successful activity of this group have had a significant impact on the growth and development of the country’s elevator industry.

Sigma Elevator 2003

Commercial engineering and import of main parts of hydraulic and traction elevators.

آرین آسانسور

Arian Asansor1993

The largest manufacturer of elevator control panels in Iran.


Prisma Lift Components

Manufacturer of automatic doors and elevator cabs as a Joint Venture with PRISMA Italy

کاسپین آسانبر

Caspian Asonbar

Manufacturer of carcassing and mechanical parts and accessories for hydraulic and traction elevators

Part Dena

Trading of electrical and electronic components of elevators.

آسانسور هزاره سوم

Arian Hezareh Sevom
(Arian Hezareh Sevom)

Engineering company in the field of elevators, escalators and sidewalks, specializing in design, consulting, installation and after-sales service

ADA Lift

Sigma Partners

Sigma Group of Companies has gathered a unique collection of specialties and services in Iran. Its numerous agencies in various fields cover the significant products and areas of the elevator industry. Examples of these agencies include:

  • START ELEVATOR Italy, manufacturer of hydraulic elevator jacks and power units
  • ABEGG ZIEHL Germany, the leading manufacturer of gearless motors, gearbox motors and electronic speed control drives in Europe.
  • PRISMA Italy, manufacturer of automatic cabin and floor doors; Types of hinged doors, elevator cabins, headgear and door operator equipment sets, steel glass doors, luxury all-glass doors and round doors.
  • Italian / Austrian LEITNER, one of the two most reliable European cable car brands
  • KOLLMORGEN Germany, the leading manufacturer of elevator control panels.
  • DANFOSS Denmark is a world-renowned manufacturer of elevator speed control drives in a fully mechanized factory.
  • Fujitech Elevator Co. Japan, with more than half a century of experience in the field of construction and production of elevators and escalators, mechanized multi-story car parks and the possibility of providing the best and highest quality parts along with providing technical services and Engineering and support along with a suitable set of technical and engineering documents and information.

A brief description of the companies of Sigma Industrial Trading Group:

Sigma Company

Sigma Engineering-Trading Company has been operating since 2003. It is now one of the most significant sales and service companies in the Iranian elevator industry by establishing sales agencies and providing services throughout the country.

 More than two decades of continuous activity and influential presence in the highest quality and standard in the fields related to engineering-commercial affairs of the elevator industry have led to special credit to Sigma Company among the large family of the elevator industry and customers and end consumers of the company’s products. In this regard, the company’s management has targeted a “presence among the top 5 engineering-commercial companies in the elevator industry of Iran” as one of the company’s current goals.

Currently, Sigma is the exclusive representative of products with the highest quality and standards from reputable international brands such as gearless motors and gearboxes and German Zillabag drives, jacks, and starters of Elvitor Italy, China Ronfa guide rails, and Gustav Wolf tow ropes from Germany.

The senior management of Sigma is one of the founders of the Elevator and Escalator Industries Syndicate of Iran. It has been elected as a member and chairman of the syndicate for several terms.

Sigma Company is a member of the International Association of Elevator Engineers and one of the oldest members of the Elevator and Escalator Industry Syndicate of Iran, and one of the founders of the World of Knowledge and Development Institute and the first specialized publication of elevators in Iran (Elevator World Quarterly).

Arian Elevator

The Arian Elevator Company started its activity as the first manufacturer of elevator microprocessor control panels in Iran in 1992 to benefit from the cooperation of experienced engineers and specialists in the field of electronics and the manufacture of elevator control panels. At the moment, this company has a significant share of the domestic market by offering various products and modern marketing and sales methods and has always tried to increase the quality level of its products by using experienced staff in different sectors. Emphasizing research and development as the central axis of achieving self-sufficiency goals and improving quality and compliance with international standards such as EN81 and industrial production using modern methods and tools as the first ISO9001: 2008 standard certification in Quality management has always tried to increase customer satisfaction. To complete the customer satisfaction cycle, the company has provided 24-hour service for the first time in the elevator industry by expanding the after-sales service unit quantitatively and qualitatively, while accelerating customer service and training. The Arian Elevator Company has always tried to play its role in reducing energy consumption and protecting the environment by introducing extensive efforts in the field of introducing systems equipped with VVVF engine speed control.

Prisma Easybar Parts Company

This company started its activity in 2008 with the investment of Prisma Italy Company and the shareholders of Sigma Company as a Joint Venture in a factory located in Parand Industrial Town. This was the first foreign investment after the Islamic Revolution in the elevator industry in parts production, and the factory’s design and layout were done in consultation with Prisma of Italy. All production and mechanized machines were prepared by Italian Prisma and transported to the factory.

Factory products include fully automatic, semi-automatic and hinged elevator doors.

The production and assembly line of the elevator car was also launched. These products are of the Heavy-duty type (passenger) of passenger elevators, and in addition, the automatic flat and round glass steel doors are used for luxury elevators.

Elevator cabins are also 100% bolted using prism production software by CNC machines and are produced with full accuracy and strength. The cabin panels are all electrostatic paint and steel clad. Various designs are available to customers.

Coatings for the production, packaging and storage of goods, raw materials, and quality control procedures are under the constant supervision of Italian engineers. They are periodically and intrusively inspected by Prisma Italian experts.

For more information about Prisma Italia, please visit

Caspian Escalator Easybar Company

Following the cooperation of Sigma Company with Start Elevator Company of Italy in the field of hydraulic elevators, and due to the lack of familiarity of most Iranian design and assembly companies with hydraulic elevators, the need for a production group with design expertise led to the establishment of Caspian Company It was hydraulic.

This company has played an essential role in the development of hydraulic elevators. In addition to producing complementary parts for hydraulic elevators, it has always been a compassionate and trustworthy consultant for partner companies.

Car slings of hydraulic elevators, Platforms and cargo cabins, brackets, etc., these are the company’s products.

Subsequently, traction car slings were added to the company’s production cycle to facilitate and increase the efficiency of the elevator shaft space.

Car slings are produced and manufactured in different capacities and design variations based on the technology and experience of the Italian company Elevator.

About the founder

Engineer Farid Kors, the founder of Sigma Elevator Company and one of the prominent figures in the elevator industry, completed his education in the field of electronic at the University of Science and Technology. He never lost his knowledge and succeeded in obtaining a degree in executive management of industrial management and an MBA degree.

The following are some of the activities of Engineer Farid Kors:

Degree of Education
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology
  • Complete executive management course from Iran Industrial Management Organization
  • Educated MBA
Description of activities
  • Year 1987 to 1993:
  • Head of Electronic Unit of Diba Elevator Company
  • Production of electronic boards for Schindler elevators Transitronic Dynatron & II Miconic from Bahar Educational Institute
  • Supervisor and responsible for the ghasre firozeh project
  • Reconstruction and modernization of 140 Portomatic and Dynatron II Schindler elevators
  • Supervisor of Diba Elevator Company
  • Installation and commissioning of 250 elevators in two years
  • Year 1993:
  • Founder and CEO of Arian Elevator Company
  • Obtaining ISO9001 quality management standard certificate from RW TUV Germany
  • Year 2003:
  • Establishment of Sigma Elevator Company
  • Import and distribution of elevator parts and obtaining representation from reliable manufacturing companies, including:
  • Start Elevator Italy Accessories (Hydraulic)
  • Marazzi Italy (Guide Rail)
  • Prisma Italy (automatic elevator doors)
  • Ziehl-Abegg Germany (gearless motors)
  • China Runfa (Guide Rail)
  • Gustav wolf Germany (Wire rope)
  • Year 2005:
  • Establishment of Caspian Company
  • Production of accessories and mechanical parts for traction and hydraulic elevators:
  • Year 2008:
  • Establishment of Prisma Lift Components Company L.C.
  • Production of automatic elevator doors and various types of luxury cabins in Iran
  • Partnership with Prisma Italy as a Joint Venture
Additional activities
  • Board of Directors of Iran Elevator and Escalator Industries Syndicate
  • Cooperation in the technical committee of the syndicate and development of the second edition of the national standard for traction elevators based on the European standard EN81
  • Membership in the International Association of Elevator Engineers (IAEE)
  • Participation in the establishment of the World of Knowledge and Development Institute and the establishment of the first specialized elevator publication in Iran (World of Elevators)
  • Board of Directors of Iran Elevator and Escalator Industries Syndicate, sixth term, with the position of Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Board of Directors of Iran Elevator and Escalator Industries Syndicate, seventh term, with the position of Chairman of the Board
  • Translation and printing of Safety Handbook with the permission of Elevator World Institute and its free distribution among elevator industry activists
  • Membership in five terms of the board of directors of the Elevator and Escalator Industries Syndicate of Iran (two terms of chairman and one term of vice chairman of the board)
  • Holding various training courses for colleagues in the elevator industry, including:

- Launching microprocessor elevator

- Adjust and troubleshoot elevators

- Hydraulic lift

- Gearless elevators

  • Honesty and making halal profits
  • Contribute to the growth and development of Iran's elevator industry
  • The best client consultant and customer orientation
  • Protection of national capital by providing quality products
  • Earning a permanent face badge in the Iranian elevator industry